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Weekly News Updates

The site is now up and operational. We will update the site regularly to provide information about SAM. Stay tuned for more updates about SAM and more programs that will be included in the bundle!

We Can Help!

SAM works towards locating and sharing helpful tools and information when it comes to creating websites. We realize there are many individuals out there that are looking for a way to make their presence known by sharing their personality and what they have to offer to others on the internet. However, we also realize that there are businesses out there, small or large, that feel that the best way to connect with their consumers is through the internet. Many people are behind their screens, clicking away at whatever peaks their interest or whatever they need to buy. They want sites that they can navigate and understand with ease. It's even more important to us to make sure there is an easy way to create these sites in the first place. We have the resources for you to create your own personal site or to create a business platform with free eCommerce software. These are surefire and easy ways to make sure you get noticed by your peers or connect with your consumers on the internet.